Application for limited confidential access

In addition to Indigenous Knowledge that is available publicly, the NIKMAS also contains Indigenous Knowledge that is not yet in the public domain. This confidential Indigenous Knowledge (IK) is protected and can only be accessed by people who applied for and were granted limited confidential access to the NIKMAS repository.

The number of confidential IK in the NIKMAS repository is as follows:

  • African Traditional Medicine: 0 confidential entries (0 publicly open entries)
  • Food security: 0 confidential entries (0 publicly open entries)

To apply for limited confidential access you will be required to submit an online application for limited confidential access. This application will require you to provide certain personal information and submit the following documentation:

This information will be forwarded to the National Indigenous Knowledge Management Office (NIKSO) in the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for consideration. You may be contacted directly if more information is needed. You can view the status of your application on your Workspace: My Profile when you are logged in to NIKMAS.

After the submitted application and accompanied information is reviewed and confirmed the outcome of your application will be updated on the system and you will be able to search all confidential IK in the NIKMAS repository. Please note that you will only be able to see limited confidential detail of the confidential entries in NIKMAS. To have access to all the information on a specific confidential IK entry, you will have to apply for full confidential access for that specific entry.

In order for you to apply for limited confidential access you need to Login to the system if you are an existing user, or Register as a Nikmas user.